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VX2 Voltage Doubler
This small (3 1/2" X 1 1/2" X 1 1/4", a little smaller than a business card), lightweight, and rugged unit will provide 18V from a 9V input and can easily fit onto a pedalboard.

The VX2 was custom-engineered and assembled in the US. It features a two-stage output filter, so that even when used with high-gain devices no high-frequency noise generated by the doubler will be heard.

The circuit is assembled on a rugged little custom PCB board with high quality components, and the enclosure is tough die-cast aluminum which will stand up to some pretty tough abuse. The connectors are standard 2.1mm diameter center-negative receptacles, which is the industry standard, and will work with virtually all current effects pedals (fyi - an extra connector cable is not included, and needs to be purchased separately).

If your effect is 18V capable (such as pedals from Fulltone, Keeley, Pigtronix, and Xotic, to name a few) it will have noticeably increased headroom and drive capability provided by the increased supply voltage, especially overdrive and distortion pedals, as well as clean boosts! The actual useable input range for voltage doubling is 6V to 12V, and the maximum current output is about 60mA, which should be plenty for all but the most current-hungry effects.

Please be aware: (1) NOT ALL PEDALS WILL WORK WITH AN 18V SUPPLY!! If there is any doubt, DO NOT USE THIS DEVICE - check with the manufacturer (a simple phone call or email will usually suffice) to determine if it will work at 18V. If the device is not capable of 18V operation the effect can be damaged or destroyed!!! (2) Do NOT exceed the 6 to 12V input voltage range, or damage may result to the device.

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